Tragus Piercing - Types, Pain Level, Infection, Jewelry, Cost of Piercing and Aftercare

Introduction To Tragus Piercing:

Piercing is one of the oldest activities that was originated in Roman and Greece Times. Later on, this trend became older and vanished somewhere, but later, in the mid of 18th century, it appeared again in some the Middle East, African and few Asian countries. Today, piercing is a part of different religions and customs in the world. Anyhow, piercing in antique time was done on the lobule and nose, while later on; the women started doing piercing in tragus and anti-tragus. Today, there are millions of the young girls, boys, matured women and men who are much fond of ear, nose, top, lips and tongue piercing. Tragus piercing is also more popular in different cultures around the world, especially in Africa, America, and Europe. Many people use piercing just for the fashion, but the most people follow it as it is their culture.

Fashion & Piercing:

Piercing is generally a process to make a tiny hole in some parts of the body like lips, nose, ears, nose, tops and some other parts. Usually, this is the latest type of the body modification for the people who like it. If you look at tragus piercing, then it is different in a location where it is made, but generally, this one is alike to rest of piercing types. However, tragus piercing is specified with the tragus (opposite of Concha; ear hole). Till the mid of 20th century, it was rare among the people, but, in the 21st century is more popular in the world.

Tragus is a part of your ear and piercing is made on it to wear some types of the jewelry in which captive bead ring and barbell are more famous and common. It took almost 2 decades to become famous and it is being modified with new options and creative ideas. In the current, it is extremely popular with EMO, Goth, and many other subcultures, but the students and other youngsters also have massive craze of tragus piercing. This piercing does not leave its mark from a longer distance.

Important Contents in the Article:

The article under your view comes with a variety of queries, answers, logical facts and some internal information about tragus piercing. You can preview these significant contents in a specific order and with complete information. These contents are;

1- Preview of a Tragus Piercing
2- Procedure of Tragus Piercing
a)     Steps of Tragus Piercing
b)     Needles for Tragus Piercing
c)      Tragus Piercing by a Gun
3- Vertical Tragus Piercing
4- Surface Tragus Piercing
5- Double Tragus Piercing
6- Anti Tragus Piercing
7- Does It Hurt?
8- Pain by Tragus Piercing
9- Pain Level in Tragus Piercing
a)     Pain in Vertical Tragus Piercing
b)     Pain in Surface Tragus Piercing
c)      Double Tragus Piercing Pain
d)     Anti-Tragus Piercing Pain
e)     Pain by Tragus Piercing with Needles
f)      Pain by Tragus Piercing with a Gun
10- Tragus Piercing Jewelry
a)     Studs for Tragus Piercing
b)     Rings for Tragus Piercing
c)      Barbells for Tragus Piercing
11- Infections by Tragus Piercing
12- Recovery of Tragus Piercing Infection
13- Tragus Piercing Aftercare
14- Cost of Tragus Piercing
15- Precautions for Tragus Piercing
16- Celebrities Having Tragus Piercing

1) Preview of a Tragus Piercing:

What is Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is a type of perforation at tragus before the ear canal to wear some specific type of the jewelry. This is just a type of fashion and body modification which the people generally do only for wearing some pieces of jewelry that give a new look to the physical appearance and beauty of piercing fans. Piercing process is usually executed by the smaller gauge needles that create the tiny hole in tragus. Small diameter jewelry items are worn in perforation. Similarly, the anti-tragus piercing is more popular that is also done by similar tools, needles or gun to pierce. Nowadays, it is one of the most famous and the trendiest practices in the world. Beyond, the history, the piercing fans were not much comfortable with this concept. Tragus piercing was introduced in 2005 and the people having a solid physical look only used this sort of piercing to give a modification to their body.

2) Procedure of Tragus Piercing:

How is Tragus Piercing Done?

The procedure of tragus piercing consists of some unique steps. In the first, you need to find and approach a professional who has sound experience in piercing. Secondly, you should preview both methods of piercing; by needles or a gun. You can choose any of these available methods according to safety, perfection, painless feelings and sanitation. The professional will take much care of the supplies. Piercing process starts with safety measures and the sterilization of all the steps and things involved in tragus piercing. Professional will place the cork exactly behind the tragus to measure the lineup completely and in very next, he will press the needle or gun directly to the spotted area of your tragus and will leave it for at least 10 minutes. Further, he will place the general earring which you should wear for 4-6 consecutive weeks.

a) Steps of Tragus Piercing:
  1. When a professional begins the piercing steps, then he will execute;
  2. Apple something to clean the ears, especially tragus on both side and let them dry Select completely
  3. Select a gun or needle for piercing
  4. Line up your tragus by placing a cork behind it
  5. Push the gun or needle gently through the tragus and do this just in single stroke and don’t stop or pause the needle or gun as this may cause something worse
  6. Keep the needle there just for 10 to 15 minutes
  7.  Guide the hollow needle and let it place an ornament or earring in the tragus
  8. Cleanse the blood if there is any by some antiseptic and sterilize the hole completely
  9. Leave earring for four to six weeks
  10. Take care and prevent the infection etc.

b) Needles for Tragus Piercing:

Tragus Piercing with Needles

It takes more time to choose the right needle for piercing. You should never use a sewing needle for this job and prefer only piercing needles that will do a better job. You need to make sure the needle is hollow and it is one size greater in size than the earring. The curved needle is better to use, while it is compulsory to make the needle germ free prior to use.

c) Tragus Piercing by a Gun:

Tragus Piercing with Gun

Basically, the needles are better than a gun for ear piercing, however many people prefer the gun for this job. You need to ask a professional for piercing by a gun. Guns will require stretching the jewelry to make it completely fit the tragus. Sure, it will take more time to complete the process of piercing. Piercing by a gun is not an accurate as the needle piercing is. Further, piercing by a gun hurts more than a needle.

3) Vertical Tragus Piercing:

Vertical tragus piercing is always done on tragus vertically at the edge and this perforation is very famous among the fans. It is different from rest of piercing types, while it is executed by a small fold of the cartilage and it appears on the same side. That is why; it is also called as the sideburn piercing and it is with properly grown tragus. Sure, it hurts the fans more than other piercing types. The labret studs and ball closure rings don’t fit in this piercing, but the curved barbells are more appropriate for a vertical tragus piercing. This is also the very popular type of modern piercing and it is extremely common and trendy among the girls. This piercing is unique and better suited with ordinary and routine jewelry.

4) Surface Tragus Piercing:

The surface tragus piercing is a bit similar to vertical type, but it is not done through the cartilage. However, this piercing passes through cartilage tissue without reaching the internal edge or part of cartilage. Honestly, this is very difficult for you to differentiate both vertical and surface tragus piercing types when you view them practically. Definitely, this piercing is easier to be done, while it is completely convenient and comfortable with compare to vertical tragus piercing. You can wear a variety of ornaments after having the surface tragus piercing. Fans can wear studs as these fit completely.

5) Double Tragus Piercing:

It is said about double tragus piercing that it is more painful and harder with compare to single tragus piercing. However, there will be swelling that seems little worse, but after a while, it will seem similar to other piercing types. If a person has infection or swelling, then ear bud can be more useful depending upon the anatomy of that person. In the most cases, ear buds are generally used when the tragus gets healed perfectly from double tragus piercing. The process of this piercing is very simple and casual. You need to clean the ear, stay ready and place the needle at tragus for perforation. Here, placement of the jewelry may be little uncomfortable, but it will become fine after few minutes.

6) Anti-Tragus Piercing:

The young people love this piercing style because is the newest and trendiest for them. The anti-tragus piercing is executed between the lobe and tragus very next to the cartilage fold. It is a distinguishing type of the body modification, while it adds more beauty to your personality. It is a bit challenging and complicated piercing type for which you require only the best, experienced and professional expert. The procedure is a bit similar to rest of piercing methods. Initially, you have to clean the ear, especially piercing area and stuck with the needle for piercing. But, aftercare is bit difficult and it usually takes 8 to 18 weeks to heal completely.

7) Does Tragus Piercing Hurt?

Of course, if you put and insert a needle into your body, then it will hurt you a regardless bit or more. But, if you use piercing by the professionals, then it would not hurt you like the hell. For an idea, it is right to understand that it does not hurt you like lips, tongue, ear and nose piercing. You can overcome the pain by using some antibiotics. If you ask a trained and professional piercing expert, you will have minimum pain. There are very few nerve endings at tragus and by this; you will never have enough bleeding after piercing. The pain you will get during tragus piercing will be negligible, while it seems like a sharp pinch or jerk of pain that does not last longer.

8) Pain by Tragus Piercing:

Tragus Piercing Pain Level

It can be a helpful and easy to understand the way that how much tragus piercing hurts you. Basically, we have prepared a pain chart having the numbers from 1 to 10 where one means no pain, while ten means extreme pain. The pain you may experience in tragus piercing will be between 3 and 4 that exposes that this pain will be mild and the users can easily tolerate it. That is why; we always say it nothing more than a small pinch or pop of the pain that will last just for few minutes. So, the tragus piercing will be easy for you, but if your cartilage is thicker, then you may have a bit more pain during piercing.

9) Pain Level in Tragus Piercing:

The average pain level in tragus piercing is between 3 and 4, but if you have the pain up to one, it means you can neglect this pick. On the other side, if the pain level is up to 10, then it will suffer you from lasting and massive pain. The average pain 3-4 can easily be tolerated and it will come to end just in few minutes. So, you don’t have any need to get worried about the pain level in tragus piercing.

I) Pain in Vertical Tragus Piercing:

As told above, vertical tragus piercing is more pain compared to other piercing types. It is necessary and convenient for you to be aware of some important things prior to deciding for a vertical tragus piercing. If you look at pain scale, you will come across you may experience a pain level from 4 to 7 that will be more painful. It will hurt you much because tragus of your ear usually has two channels where the perforation is made.

II) Pain in Surface Tragus Piercing:

Surface tragus piercing is another painful type that is intolerable by the users. It is worse compared to regular piercing through tragus. The pain level at the scale will lie between 6 and 8 and this one is much higher against rest of tragus piercing styles. This is because the perforation area is more sensitive part of the ear at tragus where many tissues are there and the hole is made through such tissues. So, you must consider the pain and then prepare if you are still interested in surface tragus piercing.

III) Double Tragus Piercing Pain:

It is rumored that double tragus piercing leads a number of infections, complications and lasting pain. But, the truth is different from this rumor because double tragus piercing does not hurt the users much. Secondly, it is a new style that catches the attention of viewers and the most people having no experience about double tragus piercing get scared by its name and pain. However, you will have a sharp pain and jerks, but these will last just for few minutes. In fact, it is a difficult part for the professionals to place the jewelry after double tragus piercing. There is no harm in this piercing.

IV) Anti-Tragus Piercing Pain:

The fact that tragus piercing is done through cartilage, it always leads the severe pain to the users, but the people with strong temperament and tolerance don’t feel much pain when having this piercing. The pierced area in anti-tragus piercing starts bleeding and it continues, but after few minutes, it becomes a crusty area with no bleeding and pain. The anti-tragus piercing pain lies between 5 and 7 that is an intensive pinch for the fans. In fact, this is not a worst as there are some other ways that will hurt you much.

V) Pain by Tragus Piercing with Needles:

When it comes to piercing by a needle, then it seems safe and sound as the needles don’t hurt much as compared to a piercing gun. There are many reasons that recommend the piercing by needles. This piercing way is more prĂ©cised and very perfect for every user. It causes less pain, while it can use different, but smaller pieces of jewelry to wear easily. Pain by needles will be up to 3-4 levels on the pain scale.

VI) Pain by Tragus Piercing with a Gun:

It is a common fact that no professional suggests the piercing gun for tragus piercing as this hurts much than the needles. There are plenty of reasons behind not to use a gun for piercing. Basically, a gun is not an ideal and perfect gear for tragus piercing and there may several issues by the use of a gun in piercing. Secondly, you may not get expected results by using a gun for piercing. But, the youngsters generally like a gun to get pierced tragus piercing. Experienced and professional piercing experts use the needles for piercing through the cartilage of the ear. If anyone suggests a gun for you to get pierced, you should never trust him.

10) Tragus Piercing Jewelry:

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Jewelry is an integral part of all types of the piercing which has become a trendy fashion among the people across this world. There is a wide range of the jewelry collection which you can use to wear after piercing. However, the earring studs, barbells, and captive bead rings are the most common and famous jewelry types for a tragus piercing. These ornaments are a bit similar to rest of the jewelry items suggested and worn in pierced holes. Furthermore, you can search and find more types of the fashionable and fancy jewelry for a tragus piercing.

i) Studs for Tragus Piercing:

Tragus Piercing Studs

If you have the tragus piercing, the earring studs are the best options for you to wear after perforation. Studs are generally prominent by their look, style, and excellent fitting. It comes with a vast variety of different styles, colors, and fashions which you can preview and buy to wear. These are also available in different materials in which silver, aluminum, platinum, and gold are more popular.

ii) Rings for Tragus Piercing:

Tragus Piercing Rings

If you are much fond of body modification, especially the tragus piercing, then captive bead rings are the best options for you. These are more famous because they are available in huge variety and multiple styles which the piercing fans love a lot. Segment, barbell and beaded are very common and popular types of the piercing rings. By comparison, these are different from studs; however, these offer an elegant look to users.

iii) Barbells for Tragus Piercing:

Tragus Piercing Barbells

Barbells are the best ornaments ever for pierced people who have endless craze to have body modification. These barbells offer you creative, unique and outclass look in tragus piercing. These are perfectly exotic and are available in a wide range of different styles, designs, and sizes. The catchy look of these colorful barbells motivates every user.

11) Infections by Tragus Piercing:

Infected Tragus Piercing

There are some particular circumstances when the tragus piercing can be infectious and little risky. This may happen when the users don’t care much before and after tragus piercing, lack of experience of the professionals and the use of piercing gun rather than the needles. When you come to know the tragus piercing has become infected, then you can experience keloid that is a scar or boil formed in the infected area of the tragus. Tragus can also be red and swollen if it is infected. It can be smelly or there may be a bleed of green or yellow discharge.

After diagnosing this infection, it is a high time to treat it with a number of effective and highly recommended ways. Experts advise the sufferings to use tea tree oil and wash out by the warm water to clean the infectious area. It needs to have a visit to a dermatologist for a proper checkup and wear off the jewelry with great care when infection is a bit serious.

12) Recovery of Tragus Piercing Infection:

It is often asked the recovery tenure from the tragus piercing infection. In fact, the recovery time depends upon the condition of your infected tragus and surrounding area. Basically, the healing process will be fast and short if you don’t have any diabetes issue or other auto-immune disorder. If you have any of these diseases, then your healing process will be slow and it may take several consecutive weeks. Secondly, in the case of serious infections, you need to apply the best antibiotics, therapy as the aid and some other fast healing agents to boost up your recovery process. Usually, an average healing process may be up to 4 to 7 days to make the infected area dry and recover.

13) Tragus Piercing Aftercare:

Aftercare process is an essential part of tragus piercing because there are more probabilities of infection. Proper care can lead a safer and more successful piercing with no harms. Further, your health-conscious habit can also cut down the healing/recovery time. If you become careless, even little, you may have some critical infections that will last a bit longer with pain and swelling. You need to start taking antibiotics when you come across early signs of the tragus infection. Sure, right antibiotics and the caring habit can prevent infections as well as heal you faster than you expectations. You need to keep your tragus clean and neat, while you must wash your hands after applying some antibiotics on the infectious area.

14) Cost of Tragus Piercing:

Of course, the tragus piercing costs you. However, the cost depends upon your area to live, piercing services, styles, types of the body modification, primary tool to pierce the tragus and the experience of a professional. All these things are accounted when you want to know the actual cost of tragus piercing. Basically, the cost of tragus piercing may be between $15 and $50 depending upon the charges of an expert and the cost of jewelry you want to wear.

15) Precautions for Tragus Piercing:

Like other piercing, the tragus piercing also needs some important and basic cautions. First of all, you need to keep the tragus after piercing neat and germ-free. Secondly, you should rely only on the most experienced and professional piercing experts, even they charge a higher cost. Large gauges have least possibilities of infection, but the chances of infection by smaller gauges will be higher. You should choose the recommended and tested jewelry right after piercing. Double check of ornament placement and idea gauge size up to 19G are good cautions for fans to be considered.

16) Celebrities having Tragus Piercing:

Though tragus piercing was introduced in fall of 2005, but it has become the trendiest and hottest type of body modification. Sure, it is very fair to say that tragus piercing has become a late bloomer. Anyhow, the following celebrities and the models have been supporting body modification as well as tragus piercing with a massive pride.

  • Bella Thorne with Tragus Piercing

Bella Thorne with Tragus Piercing

  • Leah McFall with Tragus Piercing
Leah McFall with Tragus Piercing

  • Audrey Kitching with Tragus Piercing
Audrey Kitching with Tragus Piercing
  • Tinashe with Tragus Piercing
Tinashe with Tragus Piercing
  • Wolftyla with Tragus Piercing
Wolftyla with Tragus Piercing
  • Miley Cyrus with Tragus Piercing
Miley Cyrus with Tragus Piercing
  • Candice Swanepoel with Tragus Piercing
Candice Swanepoel with Tragus Piercing